Industrial Use EDI Reverse Osmosis System for Ultra Pure Water

Product Code:RO-EDI(30000L)

Product Description:

water treatment Functions and Features:
1,water treatment Adopting SS304 material with opening design, clear process and convenient maintenance.
2, water treatment High quality TFC compound Ro membrane treatment crafts with very low pressure and the capacity of desalinization rate comes to 98% at least.
3, water treatment is Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality.
4, Multi medium beforehand filter increases the capacity of water treatment.
5, water treatment Adopts high efficiency active carbon filter which can wipes chlorine of raw water , protect RO system membrane and adjust the taste.
6, water treatment has Safe and reliable electrical system. Which designed equipment auto stop protection when open circuit, short circuit and overload.
7, Intelligent circuit design equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water.
8,water treatment has auto wash and manual wash model for choosing , which can protect RO membrane easily.

Product description

No. Item Parts Model&Specification Qty Origin
1 Source water tank tank 12000L SS304 1set prepare by customer
2 high/low water level switch / 2pcs
3 water pump feed pump CDL16-3,Q=16m3/H,H=32m,P=3KW 1set CNP brand,     China
4 back washing pump CDL65-20,Q=60m3/H,H=26m,P=7.5KW 1pc
5 Mechanical filter Tank ¢1516*H3740 2pc China
6 water distributor / 2set China
7 manganese sand 3400kg 3400kg
8 anthracite 1700kg 1700kg
9 Carbon softener Tank ¢1516*H3740 2pc China
10 water distributor / 2set China
11 manganese sand 1700kg 1700kg
12 activated carbon 2000kg 2000kg purelite
13 dosing device dosing device PO56 3pcs
14 Micron Filters Micron Filters Q=16m3/h 1set China
15 1st R.O Unit 1st high pressure pump CRN15-12, Q=16m3/H,H=136m,P=11KW 1set Grundfos brand
16 RO membrane BW30FR-400 12pcs USA
17 Pressure vessel 8040*4 FRP vessel 3pcs
18 Material of construction SS304 1set
19 2nd R.O Unit 2nd high pressure pump CRN10-22, Q=12m3/H, P=7.5KW 1set Grundfos brand
20 RO membrane BW30HRLE-440 8pcs USA
21 Pressure vessel 8040*4 FRP vessel 2pcs
22 Material of construction SS304 1set
23 Pure water            storage tank pure water tank 3000L 1set China
24 high/low water level switch / 1pc Germany
25 water feeding pump CDL12-3,Q=13m3/H,H=32m,P=4KW 1set CNP brand
26 EDI unit membrane filter 20″*0.45μm*1item 1set China
27 EDI E-CELL-3X 2sets GE
28 switch high frequency switching power supply 1pc
29 circulating pump for concentrated water 1set
30 desalination unit tank 5000L, SUS304 2pcs Taiwan
31 pump CDL16-6, Q=16m3/h, H=70M, N=5.5kW 1set CNP brand
32 pump CDL8-8, Q=6m3/h, H=70M, N=3kW 1set CNP brand
33 cleaning system tank 1000L, PE tank 1pc
34 cleaning pump  Q=12m3/h, H=32M, N=2.2kW 1pc CNP brand
35 filter SUS304 1pc China
36 meter EDI flow meter pure water 0.2-2.5m3/h 1pc China
37 EDI  flow meter concentrated water 60-600L/h 1pc China
38 flow switch ZE951 1pc Germany
39 Pressure switch JC-230/206 5pcs Samsung
40 Electrical control Electric Box SS304 1set China
41 PLC control Siemensbrand 1pc Germany
42 other components / 1set China
43 C.I.P.system C.I.P.system cleaning system 2set China
44 Pipeline LP adopt PVC, HP adopt stainless steel 304


1. Why price of reverse osmosis system is so expensive?!

Answer: Firstly, pls noted that all proposals are made according to your special requirement, so that we can ensure our proposal is the most suitable to you. Maybe some others’ are based on normal condition, therefore there are some difference among the proposals.

2. For reverse osmosis system, Where need attention besides price.

Answer: Besides the price, we also need pay attention on quality, product  construction,  design principle,  configuration of part list,  reasonability,  convenience of operation, professional, service and etc.

3. How can reduce price/improve quality of reverse osmosis system?

Answer:  The first proposal is preliminary design, as a professional buyer, pls don’t only focus on the price. If you have any question or request, pls don’t hesitate to contact us. Then we will adjust the configuration and quality according to your request. Your feedback will lead us to make the proposal to match your request.

4. Can you provide turnkey project service?

Answer:  Yes, of course, we can provide the full set of turnkey project service to you.

5. How long of your warranty?

Answer:  Regarding warranty, normally we offer 1 year warranty/3000 hours warranty, and we also offer lifetime maintenance.

6. Do you accept OEM order?

Answer:  Yes, we have strong design team and technical team. Therefore we can also accept OEM and customized order with special requirements.