Bottle cap compression molding machine


Product Description:

Mineral water caps, gas caps and beverage caps, etc., bottle caps formed by extrusion have the following advantages
1. No water outlet waste does not need to be recycled again.
2. No injection point, bright and beautiful appearance
3. The size of the bottle cap is stable and the yield is high.
4. Light weight, material saving, water saving, power saving, space saving, labor saving
5. Highly intelligent and connectable production
6. The whole machine is easy to operate, and the mold is changed quickly, and the maintenance cost is low
Specific operating process: raw materials-color mixing-suction hopper-heating and extrusion-compression molding-automatic detection-air inlet cooling and one-loop cutting-automatic detection-on-line capping


1. Why price of reverse osmosis system is so expensive?!

Answer: Firstly, pls noted that all proposals are made according to your special requirement, so that we can ensure our proposal is the most suitable to you. Maybe some others’ are based on normal condition, therefore there are some difference among the proposals.

2. For reverse osmosis system, Where need attention besides price.

Answer: Besides the price, we also need pay attention on quality, product  construction,  design principle,  configuration of part list,  reasonability,  convenience of operation, professional, service and etc.

3. How can reduce price/improve quality of reverse osmosis system?

Answer:  The first proposal is preliminary design, as a professional buyer, pls don’t only focus on the price. If you have any question or request, pls don’t hesitate to contact us. Then we will adjust the configuration and quality according to your request. Your feedback will lead us to make the proposal to match your request.

4. Can you provide turnkey project service?

Answer:  Yes, of course, we can provide the full set of turnkey project service to you.

5. How long of your warranty?

Answer:  Regarding warranty, normally we offer 1 year warranty/3000 hours warranty, and we also offer lifetime maintenance.

6. Do you accept OEM order?

Answer:  Yes, we have strong design team and technical team. Therefore we can also accept OEM and customized order with special requirements.