High speed automatic bottle blowing machine

We produce the machine with famous brand components, full servo and straight type that make the machine more stable even under high speed running. It can up to 30% power saving, max 35% capacity increasing, 40% service life-extending, 50% failure rate decreasing. Suitable for sanitizer, disinfectant, liquid soap, shampoo bottle, mineral water, drinks, juice, wine bottle; oil, soy sauce, vinegar bottle.

The complete configuration of the machine included:

automatic preform sorting machine, it’s the ties for transporting preforms.

Automatic feeding preform by robot manipulator, this part is mainly use to put the preform to the machine. Then it’s the Infra-red light heating, all the preform need to complete heat first so that the machine can blow out the beauty shape of the bottles.

We can produce customized mold as per your request. You just need to tell us the bottle size, bottle mouth diameter and the bottle shape picture/design you want then we will make drawing of the bottle for you to confirm. According to the drawing, we will produce the mold for you. It’s also acceptable if you want to blow different size of the bottles.

The robot manipulator that used to take away the blow molded bottle.

The electric box, most of the electric part are using world famous brands from German, France and Japan. For example: The cylinder, we are using SMC or FESTO brand, as Servo, we are using YASKAWA brand, other electric parts we are using OMRON or Schneider brand, for PLC control, we are using Mitsubishi or Siemens, and the high pressure air compressor, normally we are using Hengda brand, for high-end options, we can use oil free Air compressor.

bottle below machine