How to set up a bottled water plant?

When you want to make bottled drinking water business, first you will be thinking “Why you want to set up a bottled water plant?” We can answer for you.

Because your bottled water plant will provide drinking water to consumers. Whether pure water or natural spring water, your drinking water will supply your customers with ample hydration. It will be a satisfying experience that allows you to make money while also helping your customers achieve a healthy lifestyle.

So now let us back to the subject How to set up a bottled water plant


What should you do before start to set up a bottled water plant

  • Thinking about your budget, your budget will decide your production capacity
  • and which bottle size you want to filling, you can make market research, which bottled water size hot sale for example 500ml?1000ml?
  • Makea Raw water analysis report, we need it to provide water treatment machine for you, you will get drinking water through it.
  • Site dimension and drawings to be provided for plant designing.
  • Power supply information on voltage and frequency etc.
  • Necessary license and business permit.

What we can help you:

  • Market research guidance. The result of your research will determine the type of bottled water to produce; the bottle sizes and output requirements etc.
  • According to your budget make a proposal with all the necessary equipment and cost will be provided, to help you assess the feasibility and its cost, recommend you the most suitable option finally.
  • Product and external package design. To help you design the product and the package of the bottle carefully.
  • Factory layout design.
  • Equipment manufacturing and delivery.
  • Market ideas suggestion. To help you create brand awareness before launching your product.
  • Machine installation&commissioning.

If you want to set up a bottled water production line or any related machines, welcome to contact us by email