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  • Product Name:Stable Water Treatment Plant for Drinking Water Station
  • Product Code:RO-1000J(40000L)
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  • Stable Water Treatment Plant for Drinking Water Station

    Product Description:

    water treatment plant Functions and Features:


    1,water treatment plant Adopting SS304 material with opening design, clear process and convenient maintenance.

    2, water treatment plant High quality TFC compound Ro membrane treatment crafts with very low pressure and the capacity of desalinization rate comes to 98% at least.

    3, water treatment plant  is  Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality.

    4, Multi medium beforehand filter increases the capacity of water treatment plant.

    5, water treatment plant  Adopts high efficiency active carbon filter which can wipes chlorine of raw water , protect RO system membrane and adjust the taste.

    6, water treatment plant  has Safe and reliable electrical system. Which designed equipment auto stop protection when open circuit, short circuit  and overload.

    7, Intelligent circuit design equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water.

    8,water treatment plant  has  auto wash and manual wash model for choosing , which can protect RO membrane easily.


    F.Y.I.: According to your request, we can adopt FRP (fiber-glass) tank, stainless steel tank, fiber-glass filter vessel, stainless steel filter tank and pump & RO membrane of different brands for the water treatment plant, all of the electronic components are optional for you.


    water treatment plant Specification is as below:



    water   purification system specification


    CNP/south/nanfang   brand or Grundfos brand optional



    stainless   steel 304 or fiber glass optional


    RO membrane

    DOW/Hydranautics/Toary   or equal brand are optional


    CIP system

    CNP/south/nanfang   brand or Grundfos brand optional


    PP filter

    stainless   steel 304



    Omron/   Mitsubishi/ siemens brand


    electronic   component

    Schneider   brand



    SS304 or U-PVC   optional


    water treatment plant Device function:


    This water treatment plant has both automatic and manual modes. While in automatic mode, the RO membrane rinses, the device of water treatment plant operates automatically. It runs when the pure water is at low level, stops at high lever and at water shortage stage automatically.
    Short circuit, and water shortage of pressure pump protection.

     water treatment plant Packaging & Shipping

      Normally, in order to protect the water treatment plant well, we adopt wooden case to package the machine. Regarding shipping, we prefer sea shipping, due to the weight and volume is large. F.Y.I., Shine Dew has our own Shipping company, Maser international freight transportation agent limited company  .Therefore, you an enjoy one-stop service for the convenience in Shine Dew .

    Our Services
    Simple Sample is acceptable. We also accept OEM and customized order with special requirements.
    Regarding warranty, we offer 1 year warranty/3000 hours warranty for water treatment plant, and we also offer lifetime maintenance.
    Shine Dew Water can also provide one-stop service/turnkey project to you, from raw material to machines process, also include factory drawing design, workshop layout design, factory construction, label/bottle shape/package design, labor training, installation and etc.
    Company Information
    Shine Dew Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of water treatment plant, drinking water plant, bottled filling machines, labeling machines, package machine and other auxiliary equipments, with more than 10 years of experience in China.
    We can provide machines and services as below:
    1. RO(Reverse osmosis) water purification equipment; water treatment plant plant, water treatment plant, reverse osmosis system
    2. UF(Ultra filtration) system for mineral water and spring water; bottled water plant, water purification plant
    3. water treatment plant Automatic water bottle 3-in-1 water treatment plants for 3 or 5 gallon barrel and Automatic 3-in-1 monoblock filling machines for small PET bottle (0.25-2L);
    4. water plant Packaging machines, like labeling machines and date printing machines, PE shrinkage packaging machine ;
    5. Bottle blow moulding machines for various type/material bottle
    6. Make budget for customers; building water treatment plant factories as per clients' request;
    7. Factory layout design, machine installation and adjustment and operation technology training;

    Our goal is to assist our customers to provide healthy water and drinks for human beings. We sincerely hope to develop together with our customers in the field of water treatment plant industry. We welcome your contact via email, telephone and fax. We will always do our best to serve you here.

     1. Why price of water treatment plant is so expensive?!
    Answer: Firstly, pls noted that all proposals are made according to your special requirement, so that we can ensure our proposal is the most suitable to you. Maybe some others' are based on normal condition, therefore there are some difference among the proposals. 
    Secondly, normally we adopt worldwide famous brands parts, such as  Siemens,  Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic, DOW, Hydranautics, Grundfos, CNP/South/nanfang, Autorol, Runxin and etc. Therefore the price is higher than normal.
    2. For water treatment plant, Where need attention besides price.
    Answer: Besides the price, we also need pay attention on quality, product  construction,  design principle,  configuration of part list,  reasonability,  convenience of operation, professional, service and etc.
    3. How can reduce price/improve quality of water treatment plant?
    Answer:  The first proposal is preliminary design, as a professional buyer, pls don't only focus on the price. If you have any question or request, pls don't hesitate to contact us. Then we will adjust the configuration and quality according to your request. Your feedback will lead us to make the proposal to match your request.

    4. Can you provide turnkey project service?
    Answer:  Yes, of course, we can provide the full set of turnkey project service to you.
    5. How long of your warranty?
    Answer:  Regarding warranty, normally we offer 1 year warranty/3000 hours warranty, and we also offer lifetime maintenance.
    6. Do you accept OEM order?
    Answer:  Yes, we have strong design team and technical team. Therefore we can also accept OEM and customized order with special requirements.

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